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12th Annual Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Conference (ASCAT) in London

2018 Annual Scientific Conference on Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia is one of the must attend events of the year for consultants and specialist psychologists, nurses, scientists and all relevant experts. 

This is the 12th consecutive opportunity to see the latest advances in diagnosis, treatment and emerging fields in haemoglobinopathies. It is an opportunity to interact on the latest advances in clinical care, transition services, and emerging new therapies including updates for curative treatment options.




Deadline has now passed

The abstract submission process is your opportunity to help shape the content, to share your work with your peers and raise your professional profile.

2018 categories include:

Basic sciences-pathology and pathophysiology
Newborn screening; community engagement
Clinical and community implementation research
Public Health and Health Education
Psychology, education and quality of life
Ageing and haemoglobinopathies
Other aspects of haemaoglobinopathies

Entry deadline for abstracts is 18 August 2018

Selected presenters of abstracts (the designated presenter) will receive free registration courtesy of Pfizer and Global Therapeutics funding.






10.55-12.50 - Sickle Cell Cohort Studies and Long-Term Outcomes

Dr. Winfred Wang, US - Sickle cell Cohort
Dr. Beatrice Gulbis, Belgium - Neonatal Screening for Sickle Cell Disease Improves Outcome
Dr. Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, Ghana - Director emeritus of the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center
Dr. Anie Kofi/ Dr Lewis Hsu/ Dr. Andrea Lamont - A sustainable Sickle cell cohort –The role of community workers training implementation in Nigeria
Dr. Fred Piel, UK - Epidemiology in Sickle Cell Diseases.


13.30-15.20 - Pain Management Symposium

Dr. Deepika Darbari, US - Pain mechanisms and phenotypes in SCD
Dr. Wally Smith, US - Chronic pain in SCD
Dr. Antonio Piga, Italy - Pain in Thalassemia: Differential diagnosis
Dr. Andrew Campbell, US - SCD pain around the globe (CASIRE group) 
Dr. Kalpna Gupta, US - Targeting novel mechanisms of pain in sickle cell disease


15.40-17.30 -  Sickle Cell Disease (Paediatric and Adult)

Dr. Helen New, UK - Automated red cell exchange (elective and 24/7 emergency services) 
Dr. Mona El-Ghamrawy, Egypt - Stroke in childhood
Dr. Subarna Chakravarthy, UK - Liver problems in SCD Dr. Wale Atoyebi, UK – Hydroxyurea in Adults with SCD
Dr. Jo Howard, UK - Acute chest syndrome
Dr. Caterina Minniti, USA - Pulmonary hypertension
Mr Luhanga Musumadi, UK - Engagement with adolescents and young adults






08:40 - 10:40 -Thalassaemia

Dr. Vip Vipraksit, Thailand - Update on Haemoglobin H Disease
Dr. Ali Taher, Lebanon - Thalassaemia and Cancer
Dr. Salwa Hindawi, Saudi Arabia - Update Experience in Transfusion
Dr. Antonis Kattamis, Greece - Chelation therapy challenges in Thalassemia
Dr. Alessia Pepe, Italy - Cardiac Complication in Thalassaemia

11.00 - 13:05 - Thalassaemia : New Insights

Dr. Paul Telfer, UK - Collaborative research and datasets across Europe
Dr. Aurelio Maggio, Italy - New insights into genotype phenotype correlations
Dr. Antonio Piga, Italy - Targeting ineffective erythropoiesis
Dr. Noemi Roy, UK - Building blocks of genome therapies
Dr. Mohsin Badat, UK - Genome editing to ameliorate thalassaemia major phenotype 


14.00 - 15:40 - Parallel Session : Chronic organ damage in Sickle Cell Disease

Mina Abedina and Hatel Bhatt - Case reviews exploring the social, emotional and cognitive functioning of children and adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease
Dr. Kofi Anie, UK - Impact of social stigma on coping with Sickle Cell Disease
Dr. Marsha Treadwell, USA - Influence of religiosity and spirituality on coping and research participation in Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Fenella Kirkham, UK – Stroke in Sickle Cell Disease
Dr. Raffaela Colombatti, Italy - CNS abnormalities in children with SCD- beyond stroke and silent infarcts
Dr. Anne Greenough, UK - Asthma treatment in Sickle Cell Disease                      Dr. Josh Wright, UK - Chronic liver disease in adults with Haemoglobinopathy
Dr. Claire Sharpe, UK - Renal Disorders in adults with SCD

15. 50- 17.00 - Technology and Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Registry

Dr. Julie Kanter, US - Telemedicine
Dr Ambroise Wonkam, South Africa - Ontology in Sickle cell Disease
Dr. Fedele Bonifazi, Italy -Experimental and Real-World Data Sharing

Dr. Rob Hollingsworth, UK - Haemoglobinopathy Registry
Dr. Cathy Coppinger, UK -Newborn outcome projects
Dr. Beatrice Gulbis, Belgium - Update from European collaboration – EuroBloodNet                  





08.40 – 10.30 – Genetics

Dr. John Porter, UK -Targeting Hepcidin/Ferroportin axis
Dr. Ambroise Wonkam, South Africa -Genomics of Sickle cell Disease and perspective for patient care
Dr. Jean-Sebastian Diana, France - Gene Therapy
Dr. Josu de la Fuente, UK - Bone Marrow transplantation in SCD